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Women who are busy, unsure, young or mature, and ready to put their best foot forward will find Unique.Sole to be the premier shopping experience for the trendiest designer inspired shoes offered."

 Kenessa Surratt



Established in 2017, Unique.Sole Styling has become the innovative, unconventional, and affordable way everyday women shop the trendiest designer inspired shoes on the market today. With each personally tailored experience, women of all ages are empowered to express themselves through their footwear.


Unique.Sole offers a range of exclusive shopping experiences. We make house calls to style your feet with the perfect shoe to complete your look. We also host Shoe Soirees so that our clients can invite others to share in the experience. With 24/7 concierge availability, a shoe customization service, and hand wrapped orders, Unique.Sole has built a customized service designed for women looking for a unique shoe.

Kenessa SurrattOwner of Unique Sole

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